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Field disabled but can clic on link associated or calculator !! Non sense .... PLEASE

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  • Field disabled but can clic on link associated or calculator !! Non sense .... PLEASE


    I write this a lot of time but nothing resolved

    Suppose :

    a field with a link app associate to a modal grid app , I disable it in some case in my code but I can clic on link button and change the field value ?????

    a numeric field with calculator , I disable it in some case in my code but I can clic on calculator button and change the field value ????

    And, very urgent !!! v28 did not resolve the bug with twice click on button if the last field has a ONBUR ajax_event



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    Hello Nac,

    Is this the same issue?!-urgent/page2



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      Hello Bartho

      Yes, it is !!!! This very important, customers are not happy to clic two times !!!
      In log of corrections in v8.0.28 it's written resolved, but it is not...

      Thanks for doing somethings urgently


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        Hello Bernhard

        I installed v8.0.0.29 but AGAIN the bug is not solved as announced in bugs.log !!!
        we have to click TWICE when there is a ajax_events ONBUR on the field you left so you clic TWO TIMES on buttons on calculator.

        What's the problem to resolve this ?????????????????????
        Why you announce that is resolved if it is not ??????????

        You need to be more professional.



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          hi nacyil,

          how you are disabling the field? did you try the macro instead of "read only" from edit fields? however, that might work and disable the field for you, but i don't think calculator will be disabled.. i guess you need other technique for that. don't count on bartho, even if they will solve this after a century, he will not come back and let you know

          You need to be more professional.
          I agree somehow, finally are the same issues I see since 2 years filling the forums, and no "proper management" to handle them, yet.


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            Hi MikeDE

            I solved the problem with disabled link or calculator but it's strange :

            - for numeric field with calculator, sc_disabled doesn't work but sc_readonly well
            - for field with link app , sc_readonly doesnt' work but sc_disabled well

            My urgent problem is that we need to clic to times when there an ONBUR_ajax event on the field you left , I write this so many times !!!!!



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              hi nacyil, good you have workarounds for each field type

              ok see, for the readonly and disable files, earlier gentleman jsb (jsbinca) provided a reason and solution here, you may want to try, go down until you see jsb's reply

              for the onblur ajax thing i didn't understand myself, can you upload small test project to test it for you? or explain more? or at least add screenshots for all steps


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                Hi MikeDE

                create a numeric field with standard calculator and an Onbur ajax event on this field , open the calculator and you need to push twice on every button.

                create a field wih an Onbur_ajax event in it, create a button, run app clic into the field and then clic to button, you need to push also twice on button

                you can also see comments here!-urgent/page2



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                  okay, take it easy first, i opened and did what you said, used new integer, added calculator (new calculator) worked ok. used old calculator, worked ok... once your click X on the calculator it disappear and field is showing correct number

                  i tried to mark the field as label, it worked, new calculator gone.. and if old calcualtor it remains but doing nothing

                  again, it is not clear (at least for me) what to do what Onblur ajax event

                  I would suggest to add sample application/project so maybe somebody can check it and give your solution


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                    test project !!

                    Hello again MikeDe

                    Thanks for spelling time...

                    I create a space on my ftp because there is a limit on upload !!!!

                    login : sc_test
                    pwd : sc_test

                    You will find zip file with project export

                    run CONTROL app, it's the first app of project

                    Just create a conn_mysql connection, I don't use any database access

                    Hope we will find a solution ...
                    Last edited by nacyil; 02-06-2015, 04:40 PM.


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                      hi nacyil,

                      i got your point, too many events involved, i guess this is what makes the conflict, not sure if all this headache is required for your case!

                      from my opinion, your goal can be met without all these steps

                      simply, remove the calculator, why you need it anyway! even if you like to keep it, that is fine

                      keep 2 fields quantity and price, adjust validation to have for example numbers only from 0 to 30, you can also add a spin for easier navigation

                      one single onChange ajax event is required, to give the total in the RTOTAL field (if you like, you can make it on both fields quantity and price on change)

                      from your project, I removed the 2 onBlur events and kept the onchange, worked just fine, one click even the calculator works ok

                      for me, i don't like the onBlur event anyway


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                        Hi MikeDe

                        thanks for your work but this worked in version 7 ????
                        my problem is not only with calculator, it's also with buttons as you can see on CONTROL app :

                        Why I use onbur event it's because onchange ajax event code will not be executed if you push directly on validation button when you change and stay on a field with onchange event : you see it executing the value change on screen but doesn't change on db (db field off course).

                        so, to be sure I add in sc7 onbur events, this is the post concerning that :


                        as you can see,bartho said : reported to bug team !!!!!

                        Last edited by nacyil; 02-09-2015, 04:25 AM.


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                          Oh, sorry to hear that you faced bartho joke, it is a template he copy-paste it everywhre, without any updates later-on loool

                          ok one more step you can do, just send to John an email from here

                          mention this:
                          the link to the thread that contains bartho reply
                          ask for update about this case
                          also inform him that it was working ok on sc7
                          give him the project you provided here in FTP so he can take a look and advise

                          remains one step is to find another solution to add the value to db other than onBlur, because obviously it is the one making the problem, and I'm sorry that I didn't deal with this event before.. perhaps someone expert from our guys here sees and help in providing solution or alternative yet maintain your required goal



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                            Hi MikeDE

                            I send the mail we will see what's happen

                            In fact, there is two bugs :

                            1st, onchange event does not change value in db if you click on validation button in form app without leaving the field
                            2nd, to by-pass this bug, adding an onbur event to write in db but in this case we have twice click bug

                            What is very strange is that bug team or moderator don't answer anymore



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                              It is so very easy to reproduce this bug.

                              1. Create an integer field
                              2. Enable Calculator
                              3. Create one line onBlur event that does nothing - like "$a = 1;"

                              When you run the app, it takes two clicks for the calculator to see one click.

                              This has been reported many times already, but several versions have been released with no fix.

                              Does NetMake know about this? How can we tell if they know about it or not? We can't trust the copy/paste of bartho.
                              I have many other bugs I have reported like this, and got "reported to the bugs team".

                              What could the problem be?

                              1. Nobody at NetMake knows about the bug (perhaps they never read here. Maybe bartho actually works for the competition)
                              2. The fix is very very hard, and will take a long time (Wouldn't it be nice to let us know?)
                              3. They are unable to reproduce the problem (If you ask us, we can provide more information)
                              4. They are unable to fix it because it would break something else. (Tell us, then we will stop asking about this bug)

                              Because of us hearing nothing, I must assume that the problem is #1 above.

                              This could all be solved (plus make customers feel that NetMake cares) by opening and using an englsh bugtracker.
                              I know that most of NetMake speaks only Portugese, but they are selling into English Speaking markets. That is a choice that they made.

                              The best business advice I have ever heard - Do not open a restaurant if you cannot cook.

                              Dave Prue
                              Code Whisperer
                              Lahar International Corp