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  • menu issue

    If you create your own css menu and set the background to cc0000 then you cannot get the main menu to that same colour. Afaik the cause is the opacity which can be set for submenus, but NOT for the main menu (first tab). This used to work well. We want to have a single menurow with colour cc0000 and the menu's in there. Not some 'faint' red menu against a full red background.
    Albert Drent
    aducom software netherlands
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    well as you might have noticed already :-) , the css stuff in SC too needs quite some attention.
    Especially the css menu editor sometimes gets lost in itself.
    May be here is something that could help.
    We have basically two sorts of menu backgrounds. One is just colours the other one is an image (and we don't even have access to it).
    Anyway, fire up the css menu editor and empty the background field for the main menu (that's basically transparent).
    Click on the 'Menu Line' tab and set the background colour to the desired value. Save and close.
    Now it gets funny. Those changes may have no or little effect at all.

    Head over to your file manager an maneuver to scriptcase_folder/app/project/_lib/css/_menuTheme.
    Open the theme file that ends on _hor_LTR.css in your favourite editor.

    Usually in the first few lines you will find the background-color and/or background-image definitions of the main menu. Set it to 'none'.

    Save and close the file. Now try the menu and the editor, you should get the results you want.



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      Tnx jsb, we'll try that.

      I found out that changes in this editor not always comes through, most likely because of caching, but it is very annoying. You close the app, restart and whoosh, the menu has changed. Very unclear.
      Albert Drent
      aducom software netherlands
      scriptcase partner, reseller, support and (turn-key) development /


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        guys, i spent soooo long time, full nights and long hours with css in SC and their menu, almost tried everything you can imaging believe me it is more headache than anything else, especially if you want everything neat as supposed to be

        in addition to what jsb is saying, in the themes css itself there is part that controls the menu somehow (layout > CSS Applications (Themes) > theme in use > advanced mode editing > navigate to menu (and perhaps tree menu) but not all gets effects... so I usually go first to menu items as jsb said, find most suitable one that might work best, play there as much as I can, then from css themes try for 2-3 nights, and the rest is better to add it as echo in the menu onExecute, (I use firebug and chrome inspect element and if i got lucky I get the correct class loool)

        that is because whatever changed in the files such as css/_menuTheme it will be overwritten when upgrade I guess

        small note I'm sure experts like you guys know it, the transparency will not work unless css3 like chrome or IE9+ is used



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          really is necessary and will be given special attention to the css menu, but can not report any date. What can I say is that already in the development team plans to improve the CSS configuration interface applications and CSS Menu.

          Thank you!
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