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Synchronizing resets field definitions w.o. test for settings

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  • Synchronizing resets field definitions w.o. test for settings

    I needed to do a full synchronisation because I had added some tables, fields etc. I am sure that I only selected to change labels and unchecked all other options. But SC didn't care, all fields where reset. Now I'm currently busy for hours to undo that, fortunately the selects are still present when you change a field back to select type etc. but it's an awful timeconsuming and boring task. I reported this a long time ago too so apparently this is not fixed yet. Please do.
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    I ran into this problem yesterday. Synchronization in ScriptCase needs work.

    It would be better if I could synchronize a grid to the database (Application->Synchronize). Grids are the most difficult to set up again, because the defaults in advanced search criteria are only appropriate for text. Text is the least common data type in most databases. 16 mouse click/mouse move actions to fix each field.

    Edit: That is no longer true. I don't know when that was fixed, but THANK YOU!
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