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Bug in 0029

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  • Bug in 0029

    We upgraded our 0016 to 0029 and now our menus are not visible when we want to change them.
    The left part doesnt show the menu. It should show the left side.
    Creating a new menu item works, but when I save the menu that item also disappears. This exact same menu does work on our second scriptcase server that has been upgraded from 0028 to 0029.

    What can I do to make this work? Exporting and reimporting doesnt work.

    Interesting point: if I export the menu from the 0016->0029 sc version and import it into the 0028->0029 version then the menu shows in that version.
    if I export the menu from the 0028->0029 sc version and import it into the 001628->0029 version then the menu does NOT show prolery in that version (see picture).

    The menus are there when I generate them (see picture) but are not listed on the top and left side of the screen.

    Please fix this and send me a solution or the file that needs to be updated.
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    Duh apparently a complete remove cookies and stuff was sufficient... Odd that ctrl-F5 didnt suffice...

    So it is resolved.. thx to aducom..