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question marks on arabic pdf reports from sqlite

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  • question marks on arabic pdf reports from sqlite

    when i create pdf report application with arabic data it give me question marks

    i sent u db by email , and screen shot is attached to this post Screen Shot 1436-04-14 at 9.33.53 AM.png

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    any one give a dam , any one care ?


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      I guess it is because arabic characters are not in the font. Just a guess tho. So check out the font first.


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        no , its working with mysql , i have open bug report ticket number :


        and its fixed for mysql , but the problem is still exist in sqlite .

        please fix this bug


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          I found some hints here. Apparently you need to store/retrieve the text with utf8_encode and utf8_decode. I hope that is it tho. I havent tested it.


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            how to store and retrive text with utf8_encode and decode with script case ?

            you know in the earlier version , before you fix the mysql bug , it was working like charm , now when you fix the bug i have this bug in sqlite



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              Well sqlite is not mysql. THey do tend to work a bit differently. I do use an sqlite connection in one of my apps but since I only use standard ascii I dont have this issue.
              But an UTF 8 character is encoded in the sqlite database as utf 8 only when you use the functions (according to the manual). Anyway I see your point.
              I wonder if the function in scriptcase is properly converting the characters then. An utf8encode and utf8decode is used in the sajax code.
              I guess the only way to find out for sure is to debug with xdebug and see what is coming out of it. The code in scriptcase is not perfect in this area.
              I already had found that out since version 7 (and it isnt properly fixed even tho I proposed a better fix).
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