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Save Grid -Two Problems

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  • Save Grid -Two Problems

    Save Grid bugs:
    • Dynamic Group By is saved, sort is saved, but Columns is not.
    • The Save Grid interface is confusing to everyone I've shown it to.

    How does that even work? Where are these stored?

    I'd rate this medium priority because it limits end-usability.


    Let's say you have a table with 100 columns (I have some with 85 measurement values):

    It would be nice to allow a user to configure which of these columns to display in this grid application, then save that as a user/public-level configuration.

    I'd consider saving columns more important than saving group-by or sorting.

    But I can't because Columns is not saved.

    The workaround (if it can be called that) is to click the Columns button every time you want to export specific data, and wrestle with that terrible drag and drop interface that allows the drag but not the drop 3 tries in 5. Grr.

    Multiply that frustration by the 10-20 columns you wanted, and before you know it, you're throwing random items around your office, and your dog is baring his teeth at the stack of screenshots next to the printer.

    Let that sink in: This bug makes dogs angry, and dogs love everything.
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