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Problem with sqlite database and why this is bad.

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  • Problem with sqlite database and why this is bad.

    I see three possibilities to get sqlite working.
    In the php.ini are the following mentioned:

    I enabled them all in the ini. The first one cant be found.

    According to this: the php_pdo must be set as of php version php 5.1 so this one seems to be missing in the installation.

    Upon checking the dependencies I notice that php_sqlite3.dll and php_pdo_sqlite.dll dont seem to be depending on other dll's.

    Anyway this results in two possible sqlite versions of connecting to an sqlite database.
    One that works half way and one that doesnt work at all. Not to mention the one that doesnt exist.

    The manual says this:
    To connect with SQLite in Scriptcase you should enable PHP modules/extensions php_pdo.dll, php_pdo_sqlite.dll and php_sqlite.dll in php.ini file.

    Enabling PHP extension/module SQLite (WINDOWS).
    Enabling PHP extension/module SQLite (LINUX).
    Connecting to SQLite from Scriptcase.

    Nice as there is no php_sqlite.dll given... Hence it wont work. Nor is there a php_pdo.dll given.

    I think this is bad...
    So basically the default scriptcase setup is broken...

    Next to that scriptcase itself is running on php 5.4.29 which is an old release with bugs.
    5.4.37 is the proper stable release that should be used by scriptcase....

    So from the 3 possibile ways to connect with sqlite not one works fully and completely.
    On I see the new versions and on there are the historical downloads.
    That the old php_sqlite.dll is not there is no big thing since that thing only works for sqlite 2. Which nobody should use anymore...

    It looks like the proper php extension dll's of 5.4.29 are being used (I compared them in sc 8 0030) but one of them doesnt want to create a database connection.
    So I need to do some more digging... On which is which and why one is not allowing scriptcase to choose keys where it should and why the other dll doesnt work at all on scriptcase.

    So my requests:
    SC please use the latest stable version of php with all the acompanying dll's
    SC please check the php_pdo_sqlite.dll and the php_sqlite3.dll in scriptcase since neither is working properly.

    O yes I forgot to add this:
    Windows users must enable php_sqlite.dll inside of php.ini in order to use these functions. A DLL for this PECL extension is currently unavailable. See also the building on Windows section.
    Windows builds must also enable PDO because as of PHP 5.1.0 it depends on it. So, php.ini will end up with something like this:
    Anyway luckily the form seems to work... It looks like that works fine..
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