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Ajax Event question for Master/Detail Form

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  • Ajax Event question for Master/Detail Form

    I have a Master/Detail Form. In the detail form
    I only display a subset of the elements from the
    database table associated with the detail record(s).
    One of the fields is a select for which
    I have onChange and onClick Ajax events associated.
    Based on the user selection I wish to set mulitple
    database fields, some that are displayed and some that
    are not. If I call these two fields vis (for visible/
    displayed in the form) and invis for (invisible/not
    displayed). And I give them values inside the Ajax Event:

    {vis} = "value_1";
    {invis} = "value_2";

    The field vis is properly updated on the screen
    immediately (and the database when the record is saved).
    But the field invis is not updated in the db. When I put
    debug mode on I can see that the insert/update sql statement
    does NOT contain the field invis in it.

    Just to make sure I checked and if I store a value
    in invis in onBeforeInsert/onBeforeUpdate the field invis
    is in the sql statement.

    Is this an SC bug or should I not expect an (invisible)
    field assigned a value inside of an Ajax Event to be
    updated when the record is updated?

    I can obviously add code to (re-query the database) the afterInsert/afterUpdate but
    it would be nice since I already have the data in the Ajax Event.

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    I think the problem is in the {invis} field configuration, if the field is in the "not shown" section of the "edit fields" option then no value would be set, but.. if you simply configure the field in the "shown" section and set the "hidden field" option of the field configuration it will work correctly.



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      Thank you...worked great!


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        ;D brah now for the ice cream of victory