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Code Generation Bug

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  • Code Generation Bug

    Latest version of ScriptCase (8.00.0036)

    When generating code for all apps, this happens on Blanks and Grids

    "Fatal error: Call to a member function GetData() on a non-object in /opt/NetMake/v8/wwwroot/scriptcase/devel/class/interface/nmConnection.class.php on line 227"

    Tried to track down the error, but that .php file is encrypted.

    Current version is unusable for us.

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    Did you tried to relogin to your SC instance? I think this error is related to timeout.

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      Doesn't help.

      Cleared cache, did manual update, etc.

      Reverting back to 8.00.0028
      Dave Prue
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      Lahar International Corp


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        Just out of curiosity I regenerated one of my larger and complex application and it went well although the generationtime of 10 minutes for around 100 files is a bit disappointing.

        I have seen though that sometimes some of my applications generated an error and if you regenerate them they useually go well. I useually ignored this situation as mostly I just generate the changed applications.

        Somehow SC needs the database while generating code. In our Oracle PeopleSoft environment we needed filters to be able to keep the responsetime low as PS has thousands of tables. Our obscure problems while generating where pretty much solved then. Perhaps this is giving you some clues.
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