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[SOLVED]Buggy multi upload

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  • [SOLVED]Buggy multi upload

    I know the multi upload allows files to be uploaded, but apparently it does not seem to work when Document (Filename) or Image (Filename) is chosen. It does work when the Document (Database) or Image (Database) is chosen.
    That is not what I want..

    The scriptcase example only shows the database version instead of the non working filename version.
    The while reason why I had to make a multiple record upload years ago is that it never really worked as it should.

    Main table TST:

    PERSON is unique and never empty.

    Document Table DOCS:
    NR INTEGER, (this one is filled using a sequence)

    Now how do I get this using 'Document Filename' ever to work?
    There should be a reference table then?

    So basically the whole multi upload is not very usefull if I want to store the data on disk...
    Hence maybe the plupload solution mentioned here somewhere may be the only viable solution..

    Sadly enough there are no examples on how to do it properly using document filename solution..

    Now that should be added in my humble opinion.

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    Hi rr,
    I assume you got your permissions sorted. :-)
    So all you need to do is include PERSON as a Foreign Key in your DOCS table.

    Create a single row form on TST.
    Add a custom field 'upload'.
    Fill in the required fields.

    That's how it works for me.

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      Is exactly as jsbinca told in the last post.

      You must have a foreign key in docs table to reference.
      and configure as he showed in screen shot.

      did you set up that way?
      check if the folder where the files will stored have writing permission.
      You see the upload directory in side menu Application > Settings
      Documents Path to Document(file name) and Image Directory to Image(file name)
      What is your database?

      thanks jsbinca for your help.
      Nice day for all.

      Best Regards,
      Netmake team


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        Great this is getting closer to how I wanted. Thanks jsbinca!!!

        Now to get this working as we need it and then I ditch the standard uploader. This one is a more user friendly then the form multiple record uploader which is on itself better then the form single record uploader (which is almost useless imho).

        Now my suggestion is to put a nice movie on the tutorials for it.

        Now I need to find out why the documents are all renamed to sc_document_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.ext
        where xxxx are a bunch of hex characters (lower case) and ext is the extension.

        This is of course NOT so user friendly.
        I see when I click it, firefox says 'You have chosen to open: document_d4d15edc63d53f226a7d5ed144734.jpg' which is: JPEG image what should firefox do with this file?

        This tells me that:
        1: The file download is missing the option to properly open the application that is needed. I found a solution in the single file uploader (source codes are in the forum). Sadly enough this isnt implemented even tho it should (imho).
        2: the filename is a mess and users can get confused. The uploaded a file named claudia & schiffer_1.jpg and get some weird file back.
        This ought to be fixed or it should be an option when generating.
        3: the strange characters issue (+ in the filename and some other characters acting weird) may not occur in this solution.
        4: I need to test the dumb user model, it looks a bit like if a dumb user is busy then the tmp dir gets stuffed with all temporary upload files and it doesnt get deleted. Hence I would need to run a scheduler or something to clean out all files form the tmp older then one day or say.. Or any other viable solution... Anyway more to figure out...

        To Arthur:
        My database is Oracle. And this was my test, so I used all default paths. So for deployed versions I'll use deployment paths as it should.
        This story isnt complete but it is getting a lot closer to how we want it.

        Another thing to take notice of is that pressing the delete button (as with the normal uploader) does not delete the files so an AfterDelete (or BeforeDelete) should be hand coded if I ever want the files to be nicely deleted....
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