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Odd save behaviour

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  • Odd save behaviour

    Create control app and add a few fields.
    Then click on the first field, scroll down and apply something in css, i.e. align right
    Click on save
    Repeat on next fields
    It all goes well.

    Now do the same, but do NOT click on save.
    Scriptcase will ask for save
    Select yes
    The css fields will NOT be saved.

    Do first series of commands above
    Change fieldlength
    CLick on next field
    Scriptcase will ask to save
    Select yes
    The css fields are reset to blank !!!

    Do first series then change fieldtype,
    css section will be initialized, should not occur (labels are not effected by fieldtype)

    Something's not right here..
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    Albert Drent
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    I test here and the problem when change the field type really happens, the css option value is erased. I reported this bug to our development team to correct it, when solved will be included in the update release.

    But, I can't simulate the problem with save values css.

    I have 2 fields.
    I changed values of the CSS of the Title, CSS of the Field and CSS of the Input Object of field_1: Font, Bold,Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment, Width, Height...

    I click in field_2 without click in save button, the scriptcase ask me if I want save,
    I click in OK.

    Go back to field_1 and the values that I changed are there.

    Try clear the browser cache or try do in other browser.

    Best regard
    Netmake team


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      Thanks for reporting it in Albert.
      It is fixed now, it will be tested and the fix will be released within the next releases.
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      Development Team
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