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Why is Toolbar missing until you refresh the frame it is in?

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  • Why is Toolbar missing until you refresh the frame it is in?

    I have raised this before, but still not had a good answer as to why this happens. Currently in v8 (47), but it's been like this from day 1.

    I have a form which is master / detail - it has a "detail" grid - see image below:


    As you can see the detail grid's toolbar is missing. I have workaround to get the toolbar (and "edit" pencils on the rows) to appear, via a Javascript button labelled "Enable Edit of project Hours". This has the following JS in it (from previous forum help from fabulous 'casers):

    Clicking that button causes the toolbar and pencils to appear (see second image below - Hallelujah!). I can also make them re-appear without clicking that button. Instead I can right-click in the frame but outside the grid itself - and choose from the context menu (in Chrome) "Reload Frame". Both methods have the same positive effect.


    The thing is why is that necessary as it's pretty crap for users to have to do that? If I could force it to refresh on loading then I could live with that, but adding that code within any of the obvious events (either in the master form, or the detail grid) seems to have no effect.

    I know 8.1 is imminent - but don't hold out much hope for this particular issue. Any thoughts people?

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    Normal behaviour is without toolbars and pencil. I noticed this behaviour too.
    If appears, It's a bug. There aren't any official reason why you are forced to use forms as detail, when I need almost all the time grids. Its scriptcase.

    My kingdom for grids as detail.

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      Originally posted by Giu View Post
      My kingdom for grids as detail.
      Indeed!! :-)