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Menu Tabs Context Menu broken

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  • Menu Tabs Context Menu broken

    I like the new "Menu Tabs" in v8.1; which have a context menu that enables closing those tabs. See example here:

    I modified my menu to use a global variable in the "Application" field (ie. load the startup application based on user preference) - and I had that working fine - but discovered that the right-click "Context Menu" no longer works.

    I've tried several things to get it back - without success:
    - I removed my modifications
    - I turned off "Open Items in Tabs" and "Tab Context Menu", saved, and then turn them back on
    - I copied applications from a project where the context menu works
    - I created a new project with new applications
    - I created a new project with a new security module
    - I restored my project from backup

    None of that works.

    I'm thinking something is corrupt in my installation - except that the "Tab Context Menu" still works in an older project where I was using them.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so - how do I fix it?