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Transparent Background in modal popup /iframe

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  • Transparent Background in modal popup /iframe

    Hi all,

    I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to make the link modal background transparent. I have links in grids etc and even though its called a modal it shows as a iframe in inspect element.

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    and here:
    and you can even fiddle and play with your code on w3schools..


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      Thank you for quick reply, But where do you change in scriptcase ? hard coding or can be done within scriptcase?


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        In the events you can simply echo your code. Just put an echo "OnApplicationInit'; etc in your events and see what happens.
        That basically means you can echo pieces of javascript also. Check out in the forum, there are many examples in there.
        Of course you can by hand change your css as well and upload it to your server. You'd only have to be aware then that if you upload new code to be aware of a customised css. So that is why
        coding it may be easier.