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Master Detail Layout struggle

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  • Master Detail Layout struggle

    Is it possible to manually set the height of the Detail section Block on a Master Detail application?

    My detail section initially displays a grid of items, the user selects the items to edit with a form. The edit form opens in the very short detail block and is unusable.

    I've attached a screen capture.
    Thank you ,
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    I've continued to pour through this forum and discovered this issue has been considered a bug for years now.


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      I cant see your page from here. What I would do is grab firefox with firebug installed and investigate the detail block.
      That detail block size is set somewhere in the javascript code. Likely you can insert custom javascript to enlarge the block. If so then you should be able to get this code
      to work using an event as well. To test it I would click the block using firebug, then change the parameters and see how it changes in real time.

      Since it is a web page in the end you should be able to change it to your liking with some fiddling in the code.


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        Remember to set the height and width of your form and blocks