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hide cancel button on form in insert mode

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  • hide cancel button on form in insert mode

    Is there any macro to hide the cancel button that appears on forms when inserting new records?

    I actually need a Cancel button, but with the standard SC Cancel button I have the following issue:

    the form with the Cancel button is opened in insert mode by a grid application.
    I want the Cancel button to close the form and return to that grid application, but instead SC returns to an existing record on the from application.

    Is there any way to have the Cancel button do what I want?

    Waiting for an answer, I created a custom SC cancel button that works as I want.
    The issue is now that I have to get rid of the standard Cancel button.
    I cannot remove it using the toolbars setting, because if I do that "Return After Inserting" doesn't work anymore: after inserting a new record, the form returns to a new blank record form (!!).

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    The standard cancel button can be removed using javascript. Just find the button (using firebug in firefox) and add some code.
    Check here for good hints:


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      Thanks, not finding any SC "standard" solution, I did that already.