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Mozilla Firefox - Cache Error when i click Back Button of the browser

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  • Mozilla Firefox - Cache Error when i click Back Button of the browser

    Hello to all forum, I developed an application but I have a problem
    that i can not solve, precisely that this problem does not occur
    with the browsers: Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, but rather only with
    Mozilla Firefox, the problem there is the same in Mobile and Desktop,
    when I click the back button page or form, the browser displays an error
    by Mozilla (cache problem), see picture attached to this email.
    I insert in any application on section "onApplicationInit" (as first instruction)
    the following PHP two statements:

    header ('Cache-Control: no-cache');
    session_cache_limiter ('private_no_expire');

    then I am persisting the 'error I tried to replace them with the following standard:

    header ("Cache-Control: max-age = 600"); // 10 minutes (10 * 60sec)
    session_cache_limiter ('public'); // works

    But i solve nothing.

    Thank you very much for your response.
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    Is it necessary to apply headers etc? In general if y use the back button you get an expiration error and need to refresh / resend to get your screen. But I think that users should not get into the attemption to use this but only use the back button. At least the error is easy recoverable where your's not.
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