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  • Trial version - useless

    I have downloaded the trial version to asses this framework. I have never been so disappointed with any trial version. My biggest issue is about not being able to import a project.

    I have created a trial project. Spent few hours on this. Then applied SECURITY module to it which proved to be utterly useless tool, with massive number of bugs and errors. So I contacted the support to see how can this be solved. I have been told that I need to REMOVE applications and start again. WHAT THE HELL??? Once the applications are removed THERE IS NO WAY to import them again.

    This is extremely annoying, especially that the guy from support turned out to be less than useless and helpful (absolutely no knowledge whatsoever). Thanks this I lost 8 days of work and found out that:
    1) Scriptcase trial version is totally useless
    2) Scriptcase support is less than useless
    3) SECURITY module which most likely is the most important part of any application is bugged and throws gazillions of errors of which support has no idea how to solve
    4) SECURITY module CANNOT be removed without removing the application which ruins your trial work (THANKS SUPPORT !!)

    So in fact, instead of giving me a good review of the tool and encourage me to buy it, I got screwed by support, than enraged by losing 8 days of work, than totally pissed because of 2 previous states combined, then massively disappointed to the point where I actually created a new account just to post this one post, and finally discouraged for buying ANY part of this framework and highly motivated to dissuade any of my friends, colleagues, clients, partners and fellow developer of Scriptcase...

    STAY AWAY - if you must use a framework there are better tools with better support that do not screw your life and work.


    I forgot to add that Scriptcase staff does not let you during downloading the trial version that Import function is disabled... an-freaking-believable...
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    I think that you have touched some serious issues here. Official support is a serious problem of SC. But the product is - despite some flaws - pretty good and there are a lot of good helping people out here. So I'm sorry for your bad experiences - can't solve that issue as I'm not from SC - but most help will come out of the community which is pretty active here. You even haven't tried.
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      Perhelis, To a point I too have to agree with you when it comes to dealing with SC corp. It can be very disappointing. That being said I am having some very nice success using SC. This forum has been a huge help. Granted I didn't spend much time on the Trial version. I have used both the security mod and the log mod without any errors or problems.
      That is not to say I have not run into other problems but none that could be worked around without much effort.
      Sorry for your experience, I feel SC is a great and getting better still product.