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Form Display Settings not taking affect

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  • Form Display Settings not taking affect

    Hello Scriptcase guru's,
    I'm wondering why I'm having trouble saving form display settings. Seems sometimes they update and I see them but most times I do not see the changes in the form. If I inspect the element it does not show what I have selected. But once in a while I will get the update on screen. Going back to the form in Scriptcase I see my desired settings still there but they do not get applied.
    Any direction you might be able to give would be great. Thanks in advance.
    Newbie, Bill

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    You can check your running processes with process explorer. It might be that something is hanging, we had that behaviour in an old version a longer time ago as well. Upgrading to more memory and more disc space resolved it mostly. process explorere can be obtained from by search for sysinternals suite
    With this tool you can see which process is too slow (tho you could use the default task manaher as well) and you can see which dll of scriptcase is sluggish. It this is the case just restart your server for scriptcase.


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      Hello rr and thanks for the information. I host my SC at so I will forward this information to them to investigate.
      I will report the results back here.


      • #4 has fixed the problem. I have not heard back on the exact resolution. Hopefully they will get back to me later, if so I will update this post.
        Way to go Hoo! and thank you rr for providing the direction.