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Display issue in detail of Master/Detail

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  • Display issue in detail of Master/Detail

    Hello Group,
    I'm having trouble with a Master/Detail form when I have no detail records but then I add one.
    When the form opens it shows a small window stating 'no records' which it should but when I click the 'Add Record' button it opens the form but it does so in the same small window size that it used for the 'no records' display. If I save the newly created detail record and navigate to a different master record and return the original master record the display opens up using all the size it should.
    I have uploaded a couple of screen shots to try to visualize what I am trying to say.
    Thanks for taking a look.

    I'm just getting a blank (white) page when I try to view the attached png files. Have I done something wrong?
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    I have this working. Dumb mistake on my part I had the wrong form as the detail.
    Please disregard this post.