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Scriptcase integration with some CMS

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  • Scriptcase integration with some CMS

    Hello All,

    I searching solution for this topic in the help and forums and chat support. Some solutions are JScriptcase for Joomla but actually don't have support for current version. I see other for WordPress, but is only a iframe or wrapper, don't include the security integration (double login).
    In SC support I ask the question if they have some api or some guide to do this type of integration, and they said not! Simply.
    If someome of the forum have some experience doing the security integration, I am very to happy if can share some knowldege about to witch tables take in consideration and wich php commands are necesary to do the login in the SC app, in the same moment that do the login into the cms system.
    I believe this is the principal problem. Because with a iframe I see can show the SC screen without problem and it see fine. This is a simple proof showing a SC grid in a iframe with Concrete5 CMS -->

    Thanks for help

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    May i ask, what are you trying to do?

    Looking at your example link, it appears that you want to display some content from your db and also allow the user to enter data into the grid.

    if you need to integrate your login page with your choice of cms and your application,
    You need to create your own login code that runs when a user logs into your cms login.
    Set a variable in your code like login = true in the cms login page on successful login.
    Then use this variable in your application to check if login == true

    the above is just a logic for your to code and not an actual or working code. you need to do this yourself.
    Also have you tried external facebook / google authentications?

    have a look at my very own cms, created using scriptcase. my site is running my very own cms.
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      Thanks for answer.
      Yes I like to do a login in my cms and then send the info of login and password to my SC appīs in Iframes. Then my SC app's know that the user do a correct login and have the permisions to access it.
      I donīt know how to send the information of login and password to any SC app. I need to add code in all SC app to read this information for someone environment variable?


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        in your cms in the code that deals with successful login add the following logic:

        set global variable / session variable login = True

        next in your sc apps in the on load section

        check if global variable / session variable login == True


        redirect back to your cms login page.

        Have a read on the global sessions and variables.
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          Hi Madikonda,
          but how to check the security rigths in the app that the user can to acces in SC from CMS. In the SC app the user can have privilegies to access, delete, add..., then, how can I do to the SC app check it, in the same way like the user do a normal login in the SC app?


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            You have to avoid the bundle security module, and write your own (IMIHO). Is very easy.

            You receive in your SC app, the user,ID,wathever you need, logged, and ask to your security module if this user has or not access.

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