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  • My Location - Source Code

    Hi -

    I found a great piece of open source PHP / Java code that works amazingly well. It identifies the users location using PHP (normally a rather tough task) WITHOUT entering in address or Long/Lat. I have attached for everyone to use.

    The only problem I'm running into, is how can I include this into a SC app and not have to call it outside of a SC app?

    Can someone help advise me here please.

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    Ciao Larry, sono anch' io interesssato a questo tipo di integrazione, ne ho provati di diversi ma con alcuni problemi, se mi puoi dare il link di questa app open source, posso provate di integrarla in SC8 e poi darti il codice sorgente.
    Ormai hi molta esperienza nella integrazioni di codice di terze pari in SC8.


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      Larry excuse, the previous post was in Italian, hello Larry, I am also interested to integrate this type of APP in SC8, I've tried different but with some problems, if you can give me the link to this app open source, I can try to integrate it into SC8 and then give you the source code.
      I have much experience in the code integrations of third part in SC8.
      Thank you.


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        I downloaded your code, i try to get in sc8 and tomorrow I will let you know.


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          Wow, thanks. This I'm sure will help a bunch of the SC developers who are developing mobile app's.