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PHP run buttons on grids don't detect anymore if no rows are selected

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  • PHP run buttons on grids don't detect anymore if no rows are selected

    To anyone using PHP run buttons in grid apps: can you confirm you still receive the alert to select data when the run button is clicked but no records have been selected in the grid?

    Latety my PHP run buttons still work when records are selected, but the problem is when one is clicked and no records are selected in the grid: the message box warning to "select data" is not shown anymore so the PHP run code is always executed.
    Actually the OnRecord code is not exectuted, as there are no records selected, but the OnFinisih code is executed.
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    Can anyone please test, compiling the code with the latest (8.1.030) SC version, if PHP run buttons are still capable of detecting that no records have been selected??

    I'm talking about the alert "Select data" you get if you click on the "Process" button in the header of this grid, without first selecting any row in the grid:

    It used to work on my grids, but on grids I compile now the alert is not shown when no rows are selected.
    So SC always tries to run the button's PHP code, even when no records are selected in the grid!
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      Yes, i can confirm this as bug ... But you should post this in the bug section.
      Best regards: - Reinhard -

      I use ScriptCase 8 Enterprise Edition, Version 8.(latest)