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SC8 tries to update a Firebird calculated field.

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  • SC8 tries to update a Firebird calculated field.

    I have a field called "Last Modified", which is coming from my Firebird DB. I can get it to show in my form, however, when I change any field and click "Save", the form data will not save because an SQL error is displayed saying that I'm trying to update a ReadOnly field. Here is what I have tried so far:

    - In the "Edit Fields" node, I have unchecked the New and Update check boxes. Every time I save, those boxes are re-checked.
    - In the "Fields" tree node, I have set the field to: Label Field = Yes and Disalbed = "insert/update mode"

    It seems that in SC8.1, there is no way to uncheck the New and Update check boxes if the field is shown on the form. I can check the ReadOnly checkbox, and that setting is retained.

    I do not want the "Last modified" field to be included in the SQL UPDATE statement. The value is calculated by the database when a field value has changed. How do I tell SC8.1 to stop including it in the SQL UPDATE statement?

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    There's a specific setting for that:

    In DB Value (Insert) and (Edit) you can select "Calculated by the database"


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      I misunderstood the "Calculated by the database" setting. In the helps it says "if the field is null", which threw me off.