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Need advice how to make / handle HTML Forms

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  • Need advice how to make / handle HTML Forms

    I have a medical app where a doctor needs to fill out a lab requisition form. I can store all the blank HTML forms in a BLOB SUB_TYPE_1 (text) (in HTML format) in a table, and allow the user to select the desired form. I'll need a way for the form's demographics fields to be auto-populated by the values in the "Patient" record. I can probably handle the auto-populate by means of a STORED PROCEDURE in my Firebird DB. That is actually easier for me to do than write anything in PHP because I know more about SQL than PHP. But here's the hard part... what SC8.1 component do I used to allow the doctor to view the form as a fillable on-screen form, where he can type in the form fields and check the check boxes etc, and then, after he has made his edits, I need to store the HTML, with his edits, in my "completed lab req forms table", all using SC8.1, then later, allow him to view/print or even make further edits?

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    This is kind of weird use of scriptcase. I would choose to make the different forms seperately or make a form that has all possibilities and enable/disable parts of it. Then store the data of that form on a field. What you are doing is of course possible, but that is more standard php then making use of scriptcase.
    I suggest investigating if you can make one form that covers the data that can be filled in.


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      I think I may as well just build a separate table in the DB for each type of form, then I'll use all of SC's normal capabilities to do what I need done.