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Dear NETMAKE - your ignorance is overwhelming

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    aka, Many thanks for mentioning me and yes I am a newbie, barely a couple of months old into serious use of SC.

    Veterans like your self most undoubtedly know the product deeper and better.

    My point is that, so far, the product suffices for me and in fact always found answers to challenges faced. Just whenever I thought that there was no solution, SC had an answer.

    And I probably have barely scrapped the surface of SC's full capabilities.

    All the best in your requests...


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      ​The tone of the thread is unnecessarily harsh.
      The issue of language is a key one but face the fact - English is the #4 spoken language globally.
      After about 30 years in the IT business I can categorically state that you have to learn other languages - human and computer, the former if you intend to be relevant globally.
      Yes, it would be nice if all those variable names and comments had an English twist but face the fact that the coding team do not have English as their first language.
      The PHP is, however, standard and that is what can be followed.

      One way or another, some time or the other, someone is going to have to break out the <Language A> to <Language B> dictionary.

      To do my first VRU and VRU to EFT switch interface about 20 yrs ago, I had to break out the English to Spanish dictionary to figure out what I needed to figure out. My code had English comments and variable names theirs did not - the compiler did not give two hoots and everything worked.


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        The tone is harsh because everybody has a patience up to some point. What bothers me the most is not communication language. I understand that people who do not practice English might have some issues. There is no excuse however to styling problems, spelling issues and other crap which makes me guessing whet the "thing" means in the documentation.
        MohMiro - I do not care what you say, I only know that other companies CAN DO IT RIGHT WAY, that's why I see no reason that NetMake cannot - PERIOD

        IF NetMake do not make some dramatic changes in the quality of the product there will be hard to keep up with growing competition.

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          Yep, I did look at the OpenXava but I, and I suspect many others, was specifically looking for a PHP tool.
          Java is not everyone's can of Pepsi.
          That being said -
          1. Yes, NetMake should look at the way OpenXava's documentation is done and
          2. Not to 'rubbish' it I did manage to break OpenXava's demo (on their site) first time out

          Below is the repeat.


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            Remember, OpenXava is a framework ... a bit different from what ScriptCASE is.

            The API documentation is typical of a Java project.

            The format can be used by NetMake and that would bake it easier on us and easier for them to 'flesh out' the details of those sc_ functions.
            In doing that, there would be much less reason to look at their demo code and thus less annoyance to you with those Portuguese or Spanish based variable names.


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              Originally posted by Sean H. View Post
              The issue of language is a key one but face the fact - English is the #4 spoken language globally.


              Sort by total (L1 + L2 speakers): English is #2.
              Sort by L2 speakers: English is #1.

              IMHO what really counts for an international language is its L2 rank.


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                Arthur talks about OX is a product mainly done by spanish people, with all documentation done in english.
                Said that, I'm with Sean and OpenXava (I develop with OX too) is something different to SC.

                Netmake is open to changes and try to improve, if things are said with respect. I know there are annoying situations, but just express with respect.

                All this threads just gives impression SC don't works, and this is not true.

                And if somebody loose patiente, then I suggest to...


                Because this thread don't goes to anywhere and is nothing near to something constructive, and is almost all said, I close it.

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