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Where clause in Target application (Master/Detail)

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  • Where clause in Target application (Master/Detail)

    What is the exact meaning of the option "Maintain the WHERE clause in the target application"?

    it activates if you enable the "Enable Navigation Button on the target application".

    If i have the master and detail bonded by a one to many relationship i suppose i should activate the "Enable Navigation Button on the target application" to navigate the many records i create in the detail form right?

    my question is: Should i also flag the "Maintain the WHERE clause in the target application"? What if not? The master and detail should already be tied up by the primary(master) and foreign(detail) key.

    i am missing something

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    I would try it out and see what it does. What I expect is that the where clause is captured from the master, but you are also able to use the sql of the detail. But to be honest I don't know what difference it would make. Be aware that if you use this model you could run into a security issue if you allow the user to run the detail stand-alone, i.e. by entering it's url in the browser.
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      Thanks. Honestly i can't understand the difference either. probably it refers to the WHERE clause in the SQL section of the Master application (see image attached) .

      The Detail application is used only under a master Application. I call the master application through a menu voice and the detail app is not available from anywhere else, also i have noted that the url remain always that of the menu application, no matter what application linked to the menu is active (is it normal this behaviour by the way?). So it should be impossible for the user to reach the Detail application alone.


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