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There is any reason for this UNAUTHORIZED USER error happens in the production area.

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  • There is any reason for this UNAUTHORIZED USER error happens in the production area.

    I do not understand why this error occurs (UNAUTHORIZED USER at Login app) when in the test area have the same production data.

    Someone can clarify me?

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    Have you set security to on? Then most likely you have set 'enable security' in the developer preferences to 'no'. That way the security is ignored while developing. But after deployment the security gets into effect.
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      Hi Albert

      I want to add that need to give permissions for each application for the login user.



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        Albert and MikeDE

        Thanks for your responce.

        Where I need to set the security to on? The only new on the application was to change the Security from Group/Applications to User/Applications, and I never put or change any security to off.

        In the area of permissions for each application, it is the first time the module runs; as in the group security module, this should allow the syncronizacion do it.

        The problem is that not let me start the Login application


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          Hi. Make sure is synced on the production then go to applications x permissions applications from the menu and set proper permission per group or user depends on your type of security you configured

          also make sure users have access to index.php page!? logged application if you are using it!?
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            Hi MikeDE

            You need to have registered "INDEX.HTML" and "INDEX.PHP" in the application table forever? Scriptcase Support Staff not know answer that question and they believe they are not needed.