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SQL Error, I suspect in logging module

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  • SQL Error, I suspect in logging module

    I am just learning about security and logging. I created a log module that connects to a db called: oc_log.fdb
    I created a security module that connects to oc_txt.fdb

    I wanted to change the names of the fields used for the logging module, but I found that there is no "field mapping" step in the log module setup, like there is in the security module setup. So I am forced to use the field names given. I saw that INSERTED DATE was a string field, so I changed it to TIMESTAMP.

    This was a mistake. Now I am getting the errror: ibase_query(): conversion error from string "1459205466.5277

    When I try to run my project and do anything that is logged. I cannot find the place where I can edit the SQL statements used by the logging module. It is all hidden.

    My Question:

    How do I get at the logging SQL statements so I can correct/change them or at least find out if there is another field I have to fix.?