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strange URL path when logging out of project!

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  • strange URL path when logging out of project!

    hello, i have security enabled in my project, when logout of the menu button throws long URL path is being added to URL address bar e.g. session_init?asdf;jkjfasasdf3e3rasfasdf something like this, i don't want this URL or the path to be shown after clicking logout, anyway to remove it at all?

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    There is no way afaik, have u tried to set an exit url bu default?


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      but it is not showing in my other projects!!! what is i added here in this one that shows this ugly url on logout!?? grrrrrrr


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        Could be this happen to you on development?

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          no it is in production and it has something to do with logged cz i protected the logged users and always when trying to logout shows me the logged message then if click ok takes me again as login back!! unless click cancel


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            not sure if this is a bug or a glitch from SC, but I replicated what you did Mike and this is whats going on...

            - when you have an open session, and log with the user again a message pops up "there's already a sesssion bla bla, would you like to start a new one?"

            - if you click yes the other user is supposed to be kicked out of the application to the login screen but guess what... that doesn't happens.

            - instead both users work in separated sessions but when someone logs out the "theres already a session" message appears again and if you click continue it loops... forcing you to remove the session manually.

            Did anyone say HOTFIX?.



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              oh btw GUI could you please move this thread to the BUGS section?.



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                yes please is a bug and doing my best to get a solution if anyone can help would appreciate