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Grid with Run Button and Single Input Field

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  • Grid with Run Button and Single Input Field

    I am trying to create a grid with a run button (for record selection) that would allow the user to select records (names, email addresses) from a grid, input a common message to everyone, and then press the "run button" to initiate an email to everyone selected. I would prefer to have an input field outside the grid, since it does not relate to each row, but to all rows.

    The one area I am struggling with is how to create a single input field (Email Message) that could be passed to the Run Events in the grid, allowing me to include in an email to those selected.

    Can this be done? Suggestions are appreciated.

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    I think, you must create a form master-detail, so in the detail you can set your check box, and in the master set the field for input.


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      I think this is a great idea that I am anxious to try. I have not used master/detail before and had ignored this option because I was concerned that a key field would be needed to link the master to the detail. In the master, we have just the text input. But perhaps I need to try this and see. I can always link them using the email field, even if it is repetitive.