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from blank app to sec_login to onValidateSuccess

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  • from blank app to sec_login to onValidateSuccess

    Hey all,

    I have a project with the secruity modul. I start my project with a blank app, where I read out the Remote_User for single sign on.

    In the blank app I check if the user is active and which permissions he has.

    I atteched my blank app. After successfully check the user and permissions, the user will be redirected to my Startpage. What works is, some user can open some apps and some not, thats fine, but nobody is able to export or insert new data, but the permission is on! If I start my project by the sec_login, all works fine and all permissions will be corrct.

    Does someone has an idea?

    Thank you!

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    Are you using the internal scriptcase security model? Is this issue in production only? Have you set the security checkbox to on?
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      Yes, I did it. It was only a problem in production. We solved it by using internal libraries. After that, it works fine. First a blank app, which looks for the REMOTE_USER and compare the rights, if it does not in the database, the user will be redirected to the sec_login of scriptcase.