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Using Scriptcase from DropBox

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  • Using Scriptcase from DropBox

    I want to be able to work with Scriptcase from my computer and when away from my laptop.

    I was wondering if there is anyway to run scriptcase from DropBox. That way I could work on it with both computer and laptop.

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    run scriptcase from DropBox
    No, you can not.,

    You can use dropbox to upload files and edit them manually in your laptop later. But it means to work in the worse environment ever. Lets see why.

    1. Scriptcase needs a web server to run your application.
    2. Scriptcase needs internally merge several files in order to give to the user an end application.
    3. There are other tons of things that have no sense to mention because there the two above are enough.

    Basically, all you can do is:

    1. Before you leave your home, you need to upload all the sources into dropbox
    2. In your laptop you download the sources and edit them
    3. Once finished, you need to upload and override the sources in dropbox
    4. In your home you download the sources and override your local project.

    I suggest to read more about GitHub and BitBuket, I think that they met your needs.


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      I was trying not to buy another license of Scriptcase for my laptop. It is not cheap. I have a get hub account. Like dropbox better.


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        Hello gehrenfeld,

        Dropbox and Github are tools very different. Neither is better than other one, I think that they are the best in their fields. The problem here is that Dropbox is not intended to deploy neither to work in a collaborative way as you need. Sorry.


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          Thank you for your help.

          I do use github a lot. What I was saying (not very clearly) that for what I was doing DropBox works great.

          I am 69 years old and my first time programming was when assembly was the only way to program.

          At my age I am getting lazy, one of the reason I use SC rather than program it myself.

          I use PhpStorm and it is so easy just to copy the directory to DropBox and then when I get to where I am going copy it to may laptop then I am ready to go and I don't have to buy a copy of PhpStorm for my laptop. So was looking for a lazy man solution.

          Again thanks for the help. The community needs people like you to help people out there.


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            Very curious! I understand you completely, and it is funny because I also use PhpStorm, it is so cool and it is a disappointment not to take all the advantage using this IDE with ScriptCase. But I have an idea that might help you. I will assume that:

            1. You only have a license to develop
            2. You need to work in different locations with different devices

            So, why do not install ScriptCase in a "public access server". I mean, you can contract a VPS server paying a monthly cost (too much cheaper than a new ScriptCase license.). Then, in that VPS you should install the ScriptCase instance with databases as required. Now, with this structure you can connect to that server throw FTP using PhpStorm and work from any location/computer.
            Remember that it is not mandatory that your application resides in the same server where ScriptCase is installed, here you will use your server only for development purposes, when your done with the project just take the sources and copy them in anywhere you want.
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              That is a great idea. I have a VS on Godaddy but never thought about installing it there.