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problem deploying applications

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  • problem deploying applications

    We are having the following problem:

    When we deploy an application to our customers, the zip includes the application you want to update, and other applications.

    The problem is that the other applications are old versions even many weeks that have many errors or already operate different makes.

    How I can clean the database ScriptCase to delete old versions of my applications?

    thank you for your help

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    Not sure if I understand it right. But if you delete applications then it might be deleted from your project, the generated code is not deleted. So in that case you should go to your development enviromentent and manually delete all generated code, then regenerate. Before I would do a full backup just to be sure that you don't delete wrong stuff per accident.
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      When you deploy an app, and it includes others app you didn't selected, this normally is related to SC cache went crazy. Delete content of scriptcase/tmp folder, and empty your browser cache (not needed, but it's worth to do it). This will fix this problem.

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        Delete also the content of the scriptcase/app/project_folder, because normally scriptcase zips the content of that folder even the apps that you've deleted.