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Doubts about production enviroment

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  • Doubts about production enviroment

    Hi everybody, I've been working this week with a similar trouble which is the Scriptcase Deployment utility behavior, my concern is about FTP process to my hosting service, start and finish but not reporting the summary to see what has been doing, addtionaly the utility _lib/prod to created a new conexion start but is not running stay freeze waiting and waiting and never finish. I hope somebody has been involved on this and it's OK ans please help me , I have potential customer waiting my presentantion on my hosting. The commercial area is taking care in my case and I hope to continue with my 2016 project.

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    When you start your config you must be sure that the _lib has 777 rights otherwise settings cannot be saved. After setting up you can revert back to 755 or 644
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      Separated on another thread, please, don't necropost.

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