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MACRO sc_apl_conf() NOT WORKING

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    All this has very erratic logic and the macros should be able to change/set FORM mode (not buttons). Anyway the form is still freaking up . I received a video from NM showing it is working but instead using my Apps they created a new form. I think I used batch creation tool for mine and they used single App. Not sure if this makes difference but I have already seen the apps fomr wizard not exactly the same created from templates. Sometimes App created with one method has a problem while recreated with another method it doesn't. Not sure what's causing it but this happened to me al least several times in recent 2-3 years.
    It is not the first time I see something not working, then when I re-create the same App it works. I just asked them to precisely use the App I have sent to verify if it works on their end. I'm leaving for a trip for few days , will check back on Tuesday. TNX


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      OK, finally after exchanging several messages with NetMake bug team I realized why this was not working. All due to totally poor documentation. Basically when I removed the INSERT button or UPDATE button form is not working anymore in INSERT or UPDATE mode. This is rather very poor implementation. I would like to see the buttons being independent on the mode.

      The main issue came from the fact that nowhere in the macro help is explained that sc_apl_conf() applies only to form buttons. Thank you Giu for clarification.

      modified code looks like this

      PHP Code:
      if ({sc_menu_item} == "item_50")
      $query1 = ("SELECT UID, companyname FROM g_systemsettings WHERE UID=1");
          if (isset({
      rs[0][0]}))     // Row found
      sc_apl_conf ("m_g_config""update""on");
      sc_apl_conf ("m_g_config""insert""off");
      sc_apl_conf ("m_g_config""delete""off");
      // No row found
      sc_apl_conf ("m_g_config""update""off");
      sc_apl_conf ("m_g_config""start""new");
      sc_apl_conf ("m_g_config""delete""off");

      Anyway for some reason the old form did not work even after proper changess. I recreated the form from the wizard and modified the macro and it seems to work now, however there is one other issue.
      Because the table is a single record table it has PK but the field (in this case UID(Int) - is not autonumbered. I tried to apply the UID=1 on the form EDIT FIELDS screen but it has no effect for some reason. So again I'm not sure if we are dealing with BUG or there is something else missing which I do not understand.

      Looking into help I realized there is option which is undocumented and this needs to be addressed ! <------------------------------ THIS LINE IS FOR NETMAKE (to update HELP!

      Anybody knows what these checkboxes are for ? EditFields_NotWorking.png

      When I change the settings to AUTOINCREMENT then it seems to work. IT should work with manual assignment BUT IT DOESN'T.

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        OK, so finally I have found what is causing the issue! IT took me 2 weeks to figure out. IT IS A BUG !

        When I remove the navigation buttons from the bottom toolbar I get the error message


        this is despite the record DOES EXIST IN THE TABLE

        When I add NEXT/PREVIOUS to the Toolbar the error message is gone. This is obviously not normal because:
        1. I do not want Net/Previous for single record
        2. Record exists in a table while SC shows "No records" message


        here is the form with the navigation buttons WHICH I DO NOT WANT !


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