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transactional, non-transactional and PDO - mysql!?

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  • transactional, non-transactional and PDO - mysql!?

    Hello, since few years now using only mysql-transactional connection since Carol in the old webinars was mentioning that we should use transactional.... (why no more webinars anymore? where is Carlos? where is Marcia?)

    okay,, now when i was trying to figure out an error i was facing, i changed the connection type to PDO for testing... it works normal, but when returing back to mysql-transactional it says:

    8192 = mysql_pconnect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead
    X:\---\wwwroot\scriptcase\prod\third\adodb\drivers\ 406

    does that mean that we should use PDO from now on? what is the the difference anyway, is it safe to switch to PDO and what is the impact? can anybody explain this?

    i read on stackoverflow and many other sites, it is the same applies to sc? and what you guys recommend?

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    Carlos and Marcia are still there but SC has been focussing on the Spanish market and expert trainings. I always recommend PDO for a lot of reasons.
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