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Retrieve Fields in Application Automatically?

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  • Retrieve Fields in Application Automatically?

    I know I can test each field by name and then do something to it, but is there a way to get a list of all the fields so I can test them?

    My goal here is to check each field on a form in the onLoad event and if its empty not display it. I have a large list of fields in the database and would like to know a faster way to check them rather than list each one out.

    Programmers are lazy right?

    Instead of:
    HTML Code:
    if ({MyField} == '')     // Don't Display field
        sc_field_display({MyField}, 'off');
    A bunch of times... I'd like to loop through all the fields programmatically.

    Is this possible to retrieve a list of the field names from the application?

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    What I useually do is that I use sql module to generate my select statement and use the field list from there. It's not the most ideal way, but it save a lot of dull typing work.
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