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Problem solved or at least workarounded

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  • Problem solved or at least workarounded

    I was trying to debug why often in SC development environment goes into error by selecting an object from the tree (eg a field) and I discovered something very interesting (!) Whenever SC executes a sql statement to collect information on the object from the database, always performs a SELECT TOP (1) * FROM "view_name" WHERE 1 = 0 statement "view_name" is the name of the first view of the database in alphabetical order. Not wanting to talk about the strange reasons why this statement is executed so often, I found that if the view in question is "heavy to carry" the system often stay a lot of time in wait and after that has an error at line 845 of / prod / third / adodb / driver / adodb-mssql. inc.php I created now a simple view named "aaa" on database and the problem has magically solved .... and the IDE is also much faster !!! Now the inexplicable statement is still performed but the time wasted is smaller. I'm using SC 8.1.041 on Ubuntu Linux and the database is SQL Server 2008 r2 I hope this helps someone.
    Giorgio Bravi
    Dolphin Software & Thinkware