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Webservice SOAP Server Side Generation

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  • Webservice SOAP Server Side Generation

    Hello to everyone, the reason for this topic is to show Scriptcase the support of the community for the need to incorporate a web service SERVER SIDE generation of web services in the scriptcase tool. I wrote to the support department of the company and the answer i got was: "You need to look for examples in the internet and you need to code that by hand.... is not that difficult".

    Scriptcase been the wonderful tool it is, would be even greater if it could provide the same way it provides a client interface to connect to a soap server, that it would provide to create that SOAP SERVER. i hope the scriptcase community reads this topic and adds its comments here, i strongly believe that if we all give enough support, the ScriptCase Team will listen to us and it will incorporate this much needed functionality into the framework.

    Can you imagine that Scriptcase could generate with ease SOAP servers it will easily consume itself of that it could be consumed by other applications ? you could create client server applications in minutes and provide data synchronization and communication between systems in no time at all.

    And having all the logic of the database implemented in scripcase, for them it would be fairly easy to implement Web services SOAP SERVER generation on their product.

    What do you guys think ? would it be a great idea that scriptcase will implement Web services server side SOAP SERVER automatic generation in scriptcase ?

    Please if you read this topic leave you opinion so scriptcase can know and measure what the community thinks about that....

    looking forward to see all your coments