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Exit, Back and Cancel buttons! ..... Please share your opinion

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  • Exit, Back and Cancel buttons! ..... Please share your opinion


    sometimes the exit button doesn't go back, if shows Exit then you have problem, if shows "Back" then you are okay, click it... specially from mobile and if shows exit, and i am making demo to someone, i try to hide myself because it will stick there,,,, as you know, no other buttons to click on mobile, other than going to URL, remove the project name and re-login again.. this is annoying... if from desktop, user can click the menu on the left or above to go where he likes, but from mobile it is just a whole to fall into if you find "Exit"

    let me specify the "sometimes"
    on grid, add Exit button to toolbar.. now from grid go to detail or to linked application and be back to grid, then you can't go further......

    SC8 supposed to be mobile compatibility, there is good improvement for this side since sc7 (thankfully) we would to have these things fixed so we all win-win-win, why not! if you do something, and you can make it perfect, why not!

    also, add to that, if grid starts by search, it is the same.. make any search... go back to search screen, you will have the Exit button says "exit" then you are stuck

    here is another post related to buttons, i don't think this is a big deal for SC guys to fix, but will make the software much more reliable, i believe!

    any explanation, tutorial, best practice, hints, info,,, about Exit and Cancel and Back buttons in SC applications will be highly appreciated.


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    here is working example working on it right now

    create normal grid... create application link to new form (single record) to edit the grid records... onAfterUpdate add simple sc_redir to go back to the grid... here you stuck, exit button appears and will never take you back to your menu app.. instead, it will re-show you the update form with blank values which is useless.. !

    same scenario on mobile will make the user directly give up and re-open the project and login from the start... becaue he wil lbe stuck there, can't go back, or will through his mobile and say, this is bad mobile app! while on dekstop, he can click on the menu from up there and ignore the exit button...

    same for search results in grid... if any result is clicked.. then when you go back to grid... the exit button will be useless, no way to go back or exit to main menu... instead, it will show you "resultsNot found message" and you can't go anywhere from there.

    what i have tried?
    - added new button manually that directs me to menu instead of the exit button of the grid (index.php)
    => results, because the menu is into iframe, it will load the application in loop position, menu into menu... for desktop scenario
    => works good for mobile though

    - removed the button from the toolbar of the desktop, and kept only for mobile toolbar
    => didn't show up, not on mobile, not on desktop!

    guys, is this a serious issue or usual stuff can have workaround? please give hint

    i still don't see your inputs guys, i wounder if nobody is using mobile?
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      okay, found out the core problem of the exit/back button guys, but no solution, yet.

      it is the sc_redir macro...

      when you have a grid, with application link to a single-record form to update the data... once you finish the update, we usually put sc_redir(grid_application); that is fine.. but when goes back to the grid, it goes the back button of the grid gets PARALIZED, and if clicked, it will take nowhere, just opens again the same single-record form without data and you stuck there...

      again, for desktop, you may jump from the menu as it is an iframe, but for mobile it is real struggle, you can't go back, no place to click other than force to change the URL and login again

      hope somoeone has real solution for this, sc_redir is important to bring back the grid.. but this way turns into problem other than solution!

      so i temporary got rid of it, just simple sc_alert("done"); message and user will have to click back from the form in order to go back to grid... at least, this way the gird button (exit/back) will work, and takes back to main menu for mobile

      hope some moderator notice this and move this thread to bugs section, then most importantly, we need a fix or temporary work around



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        You don't need the sc redir, on link you can specify if wants to come back when update or insertion. If you redir, it's normal back button of the grid does nothing, because for the grid, it's the first time is called.

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          hi Giu, how to do that? whatever i tried, if attempt to back to the grid after updating the record, then the grid back/exit button becomes useless!

          please advise


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            When you create the link you can specify this behaviour

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              i don't want it as modal Giu, doesn't look good at all, and it is anti-mobile!


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                "Open in New Window" then. What's the problem?

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                  no, in another window is the best... if in a new windows it will make it as _blank, looks like popup windows this is also not mobile-friendly

                  open the update form in another window > make your changes, then onAfterUPdate put sc_redir back to the grid but here you stuck! the back button of the gird will become useless, and if you are using the mobile you will be stuck there can't move...

                  for me, i kept it without sc_redir for now, so user must now click back button from the form after update!! to go back to grid!! grrrrrr these are annoying small things which makes sc just a powerful tool but lack of very small things which reflects very negatively although can be fixed in few minutes easily if someone from SC team take good attention


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                    Did anyone ever find an answer to this?
                    I'm on the latest version of SC and it is still exhibiting this same behaviour. Lots of dead-ends for users and no way to get them back to the menu when on mobile devices.

                    Unless I'm missing something?


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                      I would say that unless Scriptcase is using JQuery mobile for linking multiple pages (which I think it is not at the moment), I think it won't work well until full mobile features and capacities are added to SC. Mobile is a different beast in some ways and you have to do some adjustments to the desktop versions to work smoothly in mobile devices.