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Sample project, Project management -PROBLEM

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  • Sample project, Project management -PROBLEM


    Im trying to install using the automatic installation the project management sample project. Im getting following error when pressing the "add resource" application, unknown column "fld_name" in fieldlist (link to picture below).

    So, i started to look for the problem and i noticed that the table that the automatic installation create is below

    It will create column name "name" instaid of "fld_name".

    So im asking is there somekind of solution for this? Do you have the same problem? And this is not the only location of tables where the "name" column messing up the "fld_name" error.

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    The main problem is that the samples are old and you will run into some issues using them. In this case I would change the field name in your database with the Database Builder. Modern versions of MySQL are case-sensitive for tablenames (thank you oracle :-( ) and you might need to change the tablename somewhere. Not sure if this is in the pm sample btw.
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      They're old indeed.
      But we have a team working on all samples projects we provide. Trying to update and fix everything there.

      We have some hard work there since the samples have to work with all languages, databases and OS we support.

      Development Team
      Netmake - IT Solutions