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Detail refreshed on master value changed

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  • Detail refreshed on master value changed

    Dear masters,

    I am using ScriptCase v8.0.011,

    As shown on above screenshot, how can i achieve that kind of form using scriptcase ?

    As information, i have master form with single row (Receipt Order),
    And having detail (could be Grid or Form Editable Grid), lets call it "Outstanding Order".
    I want to populate this receipt Detail with value from "outstanding Order", but populating outstanding order is using field "Supplier ID".
    The reason doing it is : I Want to receipt outstanding order from specific Supplier.

    What i did :
    a. I create master receipt form
    b. i create master detail link to "Outstanding Order". Grid form. with additional SQL condition clause : where supplierid = '[supplier_id]'
    c. i create ajax event, supplierid on change. with objective to refresh grid value below whenever i change supplier name.

    but it cannot work as expected. Grid didnt change. And i didnt see any scriptcase macro to refresh detail grid from master value.

    any idea how to achieve this ?
    really appreciate any help on this.
    Thank you,


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    In the field that has the lookup - in it's lookup settings there is a check box "Reload form when value has changed". Try that (and disable the ajax event)