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Works in Development, wont work in Deploy

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  • Works in Development, wont work in Deploy

    I have a project with two applications. A grid and a form. I have done some real custom programming to the form, and it works in my development environment, but when i deploy it, it will not display the "capture" button that I created.
    Please help! It took me much trail and error to get it working, and now I can't deploy it.
    I tried to export the applications and include it... but it didnt work in this system so I uploaded it to my dropbox.
    Here is the link:

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    Include the SQL to recreate de database

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      I think I have it. I hadn't changed my paths to match the production environment. As soon as I did that it works!

      Sorry.... my mistake.
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        Works in Development, wont work in Deploy [SOLVED]

        Title sais it all.
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