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  • error export

    I use scriptcase installed in web server works fine, but if try to publish project obtain error, example , i complete procedure but when i click in library for download obtain error :

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() | Script: /var/www/vhosts/ linha: 1200

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    to what type you are trying to export?

    if works on localhost, then you have permissions problem on production server, try to chmod your library folder for testing, also if you are using security module there is a special permission for allowing exports


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      now i try, but not sure is right, i put /scriptcase/prod in 777 , and scriptcase/prod/lib, i try and nothing error, but when i download file .zip, in a new server where i put all files,made scriptcase and put all . bye..thanks...


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        It could be that the upload and unpack has failed. Did you do a full deploy? If you need to check then install a wamp package on your pc then deploy to the local webinstance. it allows you to test outside of scriptcase. if that works you can upload the files using filezilla (will take a while) or redeploy using zip files. I useually deploy from my wamp package.

        The 777 thing is useually needed to set the connection in production as the admin tool needs to have rights for writing. But after that you can reset the rights to 644 (read-only)
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          now set full site scriptcase in 644


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            and it works? all ok now?