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Unaauthorized User message WITHIN SC8 - Upon Running Application

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  • Unaauthorized User message WITHIN SC8 - Upon Running Application

    I never had this problem before; it just started after the last SC 8 update:

    I've created a number of applications, applied security using the security module and deployed to a public server. Tested everything - works great.

    I go back to SC 8 to create some more applications and if I try to modify any of the existing apps (with Security applied and which have been deployed) when I run the app (using the "Run Application" button which opens in a new browser tab) I get the "Unauthorized User" message. I understand why this would happen in a deployment, either local or on the web, but not within SC 8 itself. And as I said, it hasn't happened before.

    Seemed to start after the last SC 8 update a week or two ago, but I can't be sure.

    I'm using Firefox 33 (latest) but it also happens with Chrome (latest) and Safari (latest). Also using OS X (10.10 - Yosemite).

    I can turn off security for the application while modifying but never had to do that before, either. Just don't understand why this is happening now.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

    Also, didn't know whether to report this as a bug because it might be something I'm doing (or not doing.) Or some other change (like Yosemite upgrade? Changes to browsers because of the Poodle SSL v3 vulnerability?)

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    Go to Options Menu->My Scriptcase and uncheck the "Enable Use of Security" checkbox.

    Dave Prue
    Code Whisperer
    Lahar International Corp


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      Thanks, Dave. I hadn't thought of that, but it turned out to be unchecked anyway. So that's not it. There are other weird things happening, too. SC 8 keeps kicking me out and making me log in again. If I'm working on a field and click another item in the tool bar or something, it will just close and go to the SC login screen. When I log in, I have to close the session (another user is still logged in - ME) and even then I have to go through the log in process 3 or 4 times before I'm finally IN again.

      Too weird. Sure makes for a long day when you're trying to accomplish something and the application keeps kicking you out...


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        You'll have to regenerate your apps after doing whate Dave suggested.

        As for getting logged out, it may be related to your web server/php configuration.

        Bernhard Bernsmann


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          The "Enable Use of Security" function was unchecked all along, before and after the issue started.

          I'm running the Apache/PHP stack that comes with SC8. MySQL is part of the MAMP installation I have on OS X. I recently updated MAMP so I'll have a look there to see if there is an issue.

          Thanks for your comments.


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            Can't say exactly what happened but all is working correctly now. Thanks to all for the advice. Perhaps an SC8 update somewhere along the way fixed the issue?