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    Hello every body,

    i need help to realize this report (attached image).
    i want just explain you :
    - the A and C parts: we cant obtain them by using (Crosstab summary ), but i have to add the three Column in the B part wich are fields in the same table with the name+surname (nom et prenom).
    - the cross summary have to be with static groupby, because i dont want to oblige the user to construct the dynamic groupby, because it does not change.

    - i have to add a header and the footer. this last contains the general total in letters.

    i hope that it's clear for you.
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    Originally posted by bilouchka View Post
    i hope that it's clear for you.
    not really, at least for me, after reading it 3 times, didn't know what are you explaining nor what you want to do -


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      thank you for your answer,
      i want to realise a crosstab summary with 2 fields at Y axe.
      please, see this image, i think that it's more clear.


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        Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator


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          Thank you MikeDE



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            ok dear, why don't you simply add the field to your grid and then include it in the summary?

            By the way, it needs to be an Intiger field in order to calculate it, a number, you can use lookup from a table though

            another idea is to have virtual field and combine your both Nom and Prenom in one field


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              i need to obtain a tabcross summary cancatened with five fields (like shown in the image)


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                1. Do any one know how to scroll to a specific record? I have a Form that displays one record at a time. I have a custom uploader for images that changes the current record in database and I want to refresh it. However refreshing the page will position the form on the first record not the current!

                2. Is there any way (a macro) of executing a "Link" from code, Not URL but a scriptcase link.

                Thank you!
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