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Menu application link problem?

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  • Menu application link problem?


    I have been trying to create a menu application, it works just fine if I just add menu items without link.
    But if I add a link on any menu item, that menu item will not be shown when I run the application.

    The way I add I add link on menu application is by clicking on that import application button
    or add a link directly at the properties at that menu item.

    Also if if I add a website link, the item will be shown, however the website will only show up if I set the target as New Window or Leave,
    if I choose This window, the application will process for a second and nothing really happen after that.

    Is there any thing I did wrong?

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    Sounds like you have security turned on, for the applications that you are setting as the links. Open the applications and click on Security and disable it and see if they show up.

    Dave Prue
    Code Whisperer
    Lahar International Corp


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      Thanks for the reply
      I turned off the Use Security at the Security and the menu item with links still don't show up
      Is there any possible cause?


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        hi Brian,

        In menu options you have this in settings:
        Always show items (Yes and No)
        how items even if the applications do not exist or if they were not generated.
        Make it No

        also check
        Hide menu items
        Hide the disabled menu item if security is enabled.
        Make it as you wish

        basically did not got error or particular issues with this very part you are talking about

        good luck