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sc_user_logout , cant make it work, example

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  • sc_user_logout , cant make it work, example

    In SC8,
    After sometime I am trying to logout the user, i think the right macro is "sc_user_logout" but couldnt make it work.

    Trying to make it work in "onexecute" event in the menu app. but it writes
    "Fatal error: Call to undefined function sc_user_logout()" also i didnt understand the parameters of the macro ? first one is the user we want to logged out !?, second one is ? 3rd and 4th ?

    Any idea ?


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    The macro scope inform you the applications and events which this macro can be used:
    ScriptCase Team


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      Oh Thank you , i missed that !

      Then whats is best event to logout the user after some timeout ? I choose the menu/onexecute event because of its frequent trigger but scope doesnt let that!
      This is a classic menu driven multi app platform with security module.


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        Just a few steps..... this will logout a user and return them to the login screen if they are inactive for more than 10 minutes (and they try and do something)...

        1) Set up a couple of global vars in your security module's "login" app (in onApplicationInit event) - mine is "sec_Login" - yours may be the same or "app_Login" or whatever:

        // Define session idle time in minutes
        [idle_time] = 10;
        [last_active_time] = time();
        [idle_time] is up to you - but this is where you define the timeout period in minutes

        2) Then put this code in a library.

            function check_idle_time($idle_interval) {
                // Function to query the current time and compare it against the last active time.
                // If the time is greater than the passed idle time (minutes) then log out, forcing a
                // re-login - if not exceeded "reset" the last active time to now....
                $time_diff = (time() - [last_active_time]) / 60;	    // Idle time in minutes
        	if ($time_diff > $idle_interval) {
        	    // Idle time exceeded limit, then logout
        	    sc_redir(sec_Login, "", "_parent");        // Replace 'sec_Login' with your login app's name if different
        	} else {
                    // Still within idle time limit - reset start time
        	    [last_active_time] = time();			
        Then in every app's onLoad event (or equivalent event when onLoad not a valid event) call:

        Make sure also that in every app that you make this call that under Programming -> Libraries you tick your newly added library
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          Thanks adz1111, great !

          I tried and want to comment few things ;

          - I prefer to put the function only once in Menu/onexecute event, in my platform you have to click on the menu for every move, so i think suitable

          - I used date instead of time, nothing much but, ( also did not try with the time variable but ... ) when it's near midnight i think the difference can be wrong ! But because of this I discovered that date1-date2 is not the difference in seconds ! You have to use convert function like this :

          (strtotime(date2) - strtotime(date1) ) -> this gives difference in seconds.

          again thanks for the clues.


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            Glad I could help