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information and best practice about "third" libraries in prod folder

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  • information and best practice about "third" libraries in prod folder


    simply, i needed to change some css elements in:

    basically, a little of adjustments due to hurry finishing of sc guys, they seem don't care about elegant finishing, thats fine, took me around 5 hours to discover where to change those little stuff in order to align container to center and to make the icons look better in treemenu


    - what noticed, is when we upgrade SC version then this will be overwritten with new version of the css file - make sense
    - so, i've taken a copy of changed files in certain area, whever i upgrade the sc, i will place them in the sc core files... so it will be exported with the porject when deployed... that is fine

    my inquires:

    A: if all "third" folder is removed from published "project/_lib" then sc -when deploying- with all libraries does NOT re-publish this folder... _lib doesn't re-published with new deploy unless if all _lib is removed

    B: that leads to another question, what is the best practice after upgrading SC? can we just remove the new "prod" folder and replace it with earlier version of "prod" that have all changes done to those css and so?

    C: can we suggest for sc to adopt the new changes so it will come directly when sc is upgraded?

    What you think folks?

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    I put my libs in a _mylib with the disadvantage of needing it to upload manually. But the advantage is that you only have to do that once and then only if your own libs are changing. But this issue has been put here often and there are a few enhancement requests to SC to find a good solution for this. But status is as the bugs. You never know...
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